International conference on the topic "Systems for supporting SMEs", 30/09/2023 - Sofia, Bulgaria

The National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria, supported by the Faculty of Economics of Sofia University, is hosting an international conference on the topic "Systems for supporting SMEs" on September 30, 2023
Representatives of universities and non-governmental organizations from Poland, Italy, Greece, Ukraine and Bulgaria shared their experience and expertise in the field of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, territorial development and partnership between municipalities and universities with the aim of greater inclusion of people in unequal position in entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems and ensuring greater employment.
The event is part of the project "Mini-ecosystems. Regional Networks" under the Erasmus+ program, implemented by the National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria (NAMCB), which is a partner of the Faculty of Economics.
The project, financed by the European Commission through the Center for Human Resources Development, aims to stimulate and support entrepreneurship and the development of regional networks. Information about the conducted trainings and discussions, the developed online training and consulting platforms can be found on the project page



4th Transnational Project Мeeting at the College of Tourism and Ecology, 11 - 12/05/2023 - Sucha Beskidzka, Poland

On May 11th and 12th, 2023, the fourth partner meeting took place in Poland with the hosting institution being the College of Tourism and Ecology. Representatives from all partners attended the meeting. The agenda included a review of the activities accomplished thus far, discussion on current initiatives, and a conversation regarding the upcoming establishment of an online international consulting center.


3rd Transnational Project Meeting MEcoS RNet 22 - 23/09/2022 - Thessaloniki Greece

2nd Transnational Project Meeting MEcoS RNet 30 - 31/05/2022 - Palermo Italy

A partnership meeting was held in Palermo on 30 and 31 May, attended by representatives of all organizations. The meeting aimed to take into account what has been done so far, discuss implementation problems, discuss current issues of an administrative nature, and the preparation and implementation of the upcoming training for entrepreneurs.
There was also time for emotions, for exploring the beautiful city of Palermo, for free communication between participants from Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Italy, and Bulgaria.
The next partnership meeting will be on September 22 in Thessaloniki. Until then, all training must be conducted.


1st Transnational Project Meeting MEcoS RNet 07/12/2021 - online ZOOM