Guide to the principles of good governance

The purpose of this small guide is to outline not only the content of the principles of good governance at the local level, but also to indicate best practice in their application by the local authorities.

 Democratic governance has one main goal - to improve the quality of life of people. Therefore the main task of the public authorities at central and local level activities to respond to the maximum extent the legitimate expectations of citizens, respecting their rights and the broader public interest. Must continuously modernize management and administration and to shorten the unduly large distance between authorities and citizens. Administrative services to businesses and individuals must be fast, fair and lawful.

 All this with even greater force refers to local authorities because they are called to be closest to the specific problems and everyday life of local communities. That's the meaning of the so-called. "Principle of subsidiarity", which has fundamental importance for the management of the European Union and its Member States - policies to form and conduct decentralized, where by the authorities and administrations that are closest to the problems of citizens. When local authorities manage well the public is active and engaged; it enhances the credibility of the municipal government, municipal council and municipal administration; public resources are used better and achieve better results. Good governance ensures that each local authority can deal with numerous complex duties effectively, in the best interest of the community and in a transparent, responsible and fair manner.

 Obligations of public authorities to citizens beyond the requirements of specific regulations. It should be flexible to adapt to changing needs and requirements of modern economic and social life, and especially to the growing needs of citizens. But above all of the commitment of local authorities to ensure respect for fundamental human rights, without any discrimination.


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